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Happy New Year!! And Happy Extraction!

The Story of ExtractEmailAddress.com

One day, a couple of years ago, my Dad asked me: "I have a file with a lot of emails address, but it's just a mess inside it. Can you get me all these emails address?"

Simple idea, but it would have been a real pain to do that manually: find each email address, copy and paste, one by one.
Then I thought, if my Dad needs that, maybe more people need that on the internet?

That is why I have created this email address extractor, extractemailaddress.com
Since the initial idea, I have added a lot of features, created an easy-to-use design, and realized user experience so that you can get what you need quickly and efficiently.

All in all, it is here to help people, like you, in their daily work-life.

  I am Cédric a web developer from France. I have lived in United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland and Germany.
I always try to help people, and I also love creating and working on great websites.

That is why I have created, developed and maintained this tool with for you

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