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Who use ExtractEmailAddress?

Crafter, and Small to Medium Sellers from Around the World

Many businesses use ExtractEmailAddress.com to grow their business. They use this service to create a mailing list and send newsletters, monthly information,...

ExtractEmailAddress.com was useful to Joshua from Small Craft Advisor, a business that publishes magazines about adventures and boats.
He used it because it "was the only one we found that seemed to do what we needed."

ExtractEmailAddress.com has also helped Amanda Jetten, creator from beautiful Jewelries and Mala Beads, an Etsy seller.

Marketing Agencies

ExtractEmailAddress.com could be very useful for marketing agencies: it can help them to promote their clients' businesses

For instance, FSB associates, an agency specialized in book publishing, has used it to create a new mailing list.

Anyone, for private stuff

In addition to businesses, Extract Email Address is proven to be useful for anybody, should it be to create a Wedding guest list, to DJs who want to send information to their fans.

All in all, should you want to use it to create a mailing list for business, or for private purposes, I hope it will save you a lot of time and energy!


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