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Extract and sort phone numbers, web addresses and email addresses easily!

Happy New Year!! And Happy Extraction!

11 good reasons to use ExtractEmailAdress.com

  1. It's safe: NO email address, URL or phone number are sent to any server - all the magic happens on your device only!!
    I have no interest at all to gather random email addresses.
  2. It removes automatically duplicate elements (no duplicate emails, urls, telephone numbers)
  3. It's powerful
  4. It's easy to use
  5. It's free
  6. It has powerful sort functionalities
  7. You can use it to extract data from several file formats (text, CSV, PDF, Excel, DOC,...) - as long as you can open them and copy their content
  8. Extract to different formats
  9. Great for email marketing: you can easily create a mailing list
  10. You don't have to install anything! What if you buy an Email Extractor $64 and you end up having some viruses from it??
  11. It's blazing fast - extract thousands of emails from a big text in a snap!

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