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How To Download Etsy Customer Emails

Would you like to acquire new customers? Who wouldn't! Would you like to create a mailing list with potential leads? Here is a simple email marketing tutorial for you.

Extract email addresses (email ids) by any given keyword or website. Are you creating a mailing list of travel agents? Do you want to target a specific type of people?

  1. Go on google, and search for travel agent "@gmail.com" OR "@outlook.com" OR "@yahoo.com" OR "@aol.com@ Don't hesitate to add other email providers, if you know any specific ones for your targeted country.
    You can add some extra criteria, such as New York for a city name,...
  2. Then extract the data from the source code (see Extract email addresses from a website for details):
    • Press ctrl+u to see the page's source code
    • Select all the source code, then copy
    • Go on extractemailaddress.com, then paste the code (ctrl+v) in the text box First step: Paste your text here
    • Copy and paste the result into a temporary file
    • Go on the next google page and repeat the whole steps
    • Once you have done 4-5 google result pages, copy all the temporary results into First step: Paste your text here to make sure there is no duplicate between pages

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