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Extract and sort phone numbers, web addresses and email addresses easily!

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Remove duplicates (duplicate emails, duplicate URLs, duplicate phone numbers)

ExtractingEmailAddress removes automatically duplicates!

Email addresses

However, some people may have two different forms of email addresses. john.bloggs@supercompany.com and j.bloggs@supercompany.com for example.
In that case, you can sort out by company (priority 1.), then by family name (priority 2.). It will be easier for you to strip out manually this kind of duplicates.

To do that,

Phone Numbers

Also that some phone numbers may be the same for a human, but not for your computer:
+374 9 1234567 would be the same than +374 (9) 1234567 for a human, but would not be removed as duplicated from your computer. You can sort this manually.

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