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Extract and sort phone numbers, web addresses and email addresses easily!

Happy New Year!! And Happy Extraction!

Extract email addresses (or URLs, phone numbers) from big files

All the text-processing is done by your browser. This is to ensure your privacy, as not a single email address is sent to a server from here!
However, this means that there is a processing limit. If you try would like to extract a text of 800M or more (depending of your computer performance), we recommend:

  1. Copy and paste half of the text in the box First step: Paste your text here
  2. Copy the result, and paste it in the box First step: Paste your text here
  3. Now, below the pasted text, paste the other half of your big file


By copying the result into the First step: Paste your text here WITH the other part of the input text, ExtractEmailAddress will remove all duplicates, and sort properly the data

Try it out now!

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