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How To Download Etsy Customer Emails

How to create a mailing list from Etsy Customer Order & Shipping page? How to generate an email list of all previous customers? You simply want to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business? Search no more!

Using Email marketing can generate a heavy steady income, when use properly.
With an email list of 10,000, email sent weekly (is best practice), 2% conversion, and an average sale makes you $25 will generate $20,000 per month!

  1. Go to your Etsy Orders & Shipping tab and select Completed.
  2. See the html source of the page - don't fear, you won't have to dig into the code:
    Right-click, select source code (or on Windows: ctrl+u, on Safari: cmd + option + u, on other browsers on Mac: cmd+u).
  3. Select all source code. Then copy all.
    (Windows : ctrl+a then ctrl+c, or Mac: cmd+a then cmd+c)
  4. Open extractemailaddress.com and paste what you've just copied into First step: Paste your text here.
  5. As long as you have more Orders & Shipping pages, go to the next Orders & Shipping pages, then repeat the two previous steps by adding source code one after the other

You are done! All duplicate email addresses are automatically removed!

If you have more than 10 order pages, you can add those steps to make your computer's life easier:

  1. Save the results in a temporary file Excel, adding new results after each iteration, and empty the box First step: Paste your text here before pasting source code of each page.
  2. Once you have finish to extract all the emails :
    copy all the results you have pasted in the file. Reload the ExtractEmailAddress page to empty the First step: Paste your text here. Then paste all your result in First step: Paste your text here.
  3. The result will have duplicate email automatically removed!

Thanks to Cody, from codyschneider.com for the original article idea

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