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Extract E-mail Addresses from Linkedin

You are targeting some people profesionals from a specific niche? You want to extract some email addresses from Linkedin in a few clicks?

  1. Go on google, and search for "Industry: Information Technology" site:linkedin.com gmail.com OR "@outlook.com" OR "@yahoo.com" OR "@aol.com" You can add the location if wanted, for instance Location: Paris
    tip: go on Linkedin to find out the Industry: you are targeting people, to have the extact words that Linkedin use. Same for Location.
  2. Then extract the data from the source code:
    1. Press ctrl+u to see the page's source
    2. Select all the code, then copy it
    3. Go on extractemailaddress.com, then paste the code in the text box First step: Paste your text here
    4. Copy and paste the extracted emails into a temporary file
    5. Go on the next google page and repeat the whole steps
    6. Once you have done 4-5 google result pages, copy all the temporary results into First step: Paste your text here: the result will have no duplicates

And your are done!

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