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Extract and sort phone numbers, web addresses and email addresses easily!

Happy New Year!! And Happy Extraction!

Extract telephone, mobile phone numbers

You have messy spreadsheet file with many leads, and you want to sort everything out and only get telephone numbers? You have some unorganised data, but you need only the telephone numbers?
Here are 3 simple steps to follow.

  1. Paste your text in First step: Paste your text here
  2. You will see the phone numbers extracted in one of the box that appears.
    If there is no text box labeled phone numbers, there is no phone numbers found
  3. Go through the list and remove the numbers that doesn't look like phone numbers.

    If you have some numbers like 001000, or 0000.1234, the reason is simple. "0000.1234" looks like a valid phone number - someone might write theirs like that at the other end of the world! But to you, in the country you are targetting, it might not be correct.

Try it out now!

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