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Extract and sort phone numbers, web addresses and email addresses easily!

Happy New Year!! And Happy Extraction!

Sort by company name, or family name, or alphabetically

Would you like to order your email addresses in a specific order? Would you like to order your phone numbers?
You sort alphabetically, reverse the order, sort by company name, family name,...

It's easy!

As an example, we will sort by company name, from bottom to top (reverse).
But it is the same principle if you want to order your results by family name, alphabetically, or even with the original text order

  1. paste it in the First step: Paste your text here text area
  2. Under the result you want to sort, click sort by
  3. Using the arrows   and   place company name to the top
  4. Using the arrows, place alphabetically to the top
    If there are two items with the same company name, then the Second element from your sort list will be used! (here: alphabetically)
  5. Click the checkbox reverse order while sorting

That's it!

See also other explanations about sorting/ordering in the help

Try it out now!

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